3 mistakes New Authors should Avoid – Akewusola Habib

3 mistakes New Authors should Avoid.

  1. Not reading books in the genre you wish to write on

There’s always a book similar – structured along what you wish to write

Do well to read them to know what the readers want – expect.

2. Not reading character dialogue aloud

To simply identify unnecessary words that would deprive your reader of a smooth read

Reading aloud will easily pick them out

The way your words sound to you, is how it will it sound to your reader.

3. Editing while writing

The job of an editor come After writing and not While writing

Aside fishing out errors and massaging the grammatical structure of your words

An editor serves as a third eye including a publicist figure for your fourth coming book.


. Not knowing the difference between a Publisher and Self Publishing.

A publisher publish books, journals and even music

A publisher could be a company or person

Self publishing is the publishing of books, journals or music without involving an established publisher

A self published author print – publish, market – distribute, promote – PR his – her own book.

3 mistakes New Authors should Avoid - Akewusola Habib

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