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Urgent hires at Proten International !!

1. Sales Executive; lnkd.in/dxapcTu

2. Procurement Manager; Inkd.in/dyNzcFE

3. Senior Quality Assurance Engineer; lnkd.in/dYaS-VT

4. Product Lead; lnkd.in/d8-QT2A

5. Senior UI/UX Designer; lnkd.in/dkfDzjj

6. Commodity Trading Manager; lnkd.in/dZ4k-ab

7. Head, Brand Marketing & Corporate Communication; lnkd.in/d6bbR4T

8. Lead Developer, Artificial Intelligence; lnkd.in/djCPTu4

9. Rural Retail Distribution Manager; lnkd.in/dxDx9Hw

10. Senior Marketing Strategist: lnkd.in/du3R-pj

Kindly click on the link attached to each role to view the job description and apply.

Good luck with your application!

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