10 Types Of Yahoo Boys You Should Know

Yahoo boys are simply individuals who are engaging in different forms of cyber theft activities.

Kindly note that this post is not meant to encourage such activity, but to awaken the consciousness of everyone on what’s happening around the globe.

As written by a Facebook user identified as Peejay, here are the 10 different types of YAHOO BOYS:

  1. Benefit Boys:
    These one are Bunch of secondary school boys with ‘corona cash out’… Education was the key but benefit boys don change the lock to fingerprint.

  2. WhatsApp Status Yahoo Boys:
    These ones no Dey ever cashout… Na to Dey update “paste me Cc” “cash app available” & plenty tra tra tra for Whatsapp status every day.

  3. The cashout with soap 🧼 yahoo boys
    These ones no get “stress strength”… set awon kanayo o. Kanayo! Baba go run am on a soft for them. If you know you know.

  4. The motivational quotes yahoo boy
    These ones go Dey create quotes wey go Dey make you feel like say if you no Dey do Illegal you no fit make am for this life.

  5. iTunes Card Yahoo Boys:
    These one will just collect 100 dollars and will not allow anybody to hear word again… Them go begin add careless titles to their names like wire wire,funds,billi & co.

  6. The show off Yahoo boys
    Avoid these ones badly ooh… cos if you watch their snap/ insta-stories/ Whatsapp status for too long you fit question yourself if you Dey live this life rightly.

  7. The Instagram PRIVATE account yahoo boys:
    These ones ehnnn… small money that Dey cashout they’ll goan put their Instagram Account on private! Oga relax no be your type them wan arrest.

  8. Lowkey yahoo boy
    These ones Dey always cashout big buy them no Dey make noise at all… some of them Dey ‘auto-invest’ the money into legal business so they could always clean their money. Na them Dey like dress corporate.

  9. Party Animals yahoo boys
    E no Dey hard these ones to go broke… Their own is to cashout and carry the money to the club and order for casket back to back with undertaker like they’re in a cemetery. They’ll even buy drinks till they enter debt.

  10. I dunno them all… You can add more via the comment section.

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