10 Steps to preparation for an INTERVIEW

10 Steps to preparation for an INTERVIEW:

1. A Deep Research the role and the company.- Use Google / Glass door.

2. Check company financials, SWOT analysis if available. – Use Economic / Business Newspapers

3. Check LinkedIn Profile of interviewer / Company. Check about their recent orders.

4. Keep your LinkedIn profile and Resume updated as per your target job.

5. Put your skills as required by job.

6. Practice your domain and competency-based interview questions.

7. Prepare questions that you wish to ask for company.

8. Test audio and camera for phone and
video interviews.

9. Practice role play with family member
or friend.

10. Welcome to New Job.

If you are well prepared, there is no reason of failing.

Avoid the last minute rush, unless invited to interview at short notice!

Nervousness is inevitable, don’t think too much about it.

An interview is a two-way conversation,
They need you as much you need the job!

Anything to add, please?

Article Written By: Smriti Gupta
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